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September 30, 2022 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2022-01615


I write in relation to PSNI’s role as a member of the Belfast Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnership (The Partnership). My understanding is that The Partnership’s aims are to work to improve services for all adults and children experiencing domestic & sexual violence and abuse. Please advise me of the following:

Request 1
Why is The Partnership based in a building that is a safe space strictly for women only?

Request 2
Why is The Partnership’s Co-ordinator based in a building that is a safe space strictly for women only?

Request 3
What risk management assessment has been conducted to determine the appropriateness of these arrangements?

Request 4
How do PSNI justify the decision to agree that responsibility for the day to day line management of The Partnership Co-ordinator should be supervised by Women’s Aid Belfast & Lisburn? (*1)

Request 5
Who funds The Partnership’s Co-ordinator Role recruited by public advertisement in 2021?

Request 6
How did members of The Partnership justify the direct sex discrimination criteria applied in relation to this Co-ordinator Role?

Request 7
What advice have members of The Partnership requested or received from the Equality Commission NI in relation to recruitment and the application of genuine occupational requirements (GOQ’s)?

Request 8
What role do the PSNI play in recruitment for roles working on behalf of The Partnership?

Request 9
Are the PSNI members of any of the other four Regional Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnerships?

Request 10
Are the PSNI aware of any similar examples of directly discriminatory practices that may impact on any of the Regional Partnership's ability to create inclusive, collaborative multi-agency partnership working environments best equipped to generate positive action to eliminate abuse experienced across all Section 75 Groups? If so how are they justified?