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Reference: F-2022-02946


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I would like to request the following information:
The number of data breaches reported to your force data protection officer, or equivalent, for each of the following years:

1. 2018
2. 2019
3. 2020
4. 2021
5. 2022

Please provide a breakdown for each year including:
i) the month/year of the breach
ii) a summary of the nature of the breach including a description of the data involved, including whose data it was compromised, e.g. Police officer/civilian employee, members of the public, witnesses etc.
iii) details of the circumstance of the breach and any subsequent risks arising from the breach
iv) whether or not the breach was reported to the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) and what the repercussions of that was, i.e., any fines from the ICO.


02946 Data Breaches

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