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Reference: F-2023-01366


Request 1

How many Industrial Tribunals (ET1) applications where submitted to the PSNI from the Courts and Tribunals Services in the past 5 years? Please provided the data by protected characteristic groups e.g. Disability, Race, Gender etc. and what was the public monies cost both internally and external on defending, case management and settling these IT cases which will also incorporate Judicial Reviews and Court appeals.

Request 2

How many grievance procedures were lodged internally within the last 5 years and what are the protected characteristics’ breakdown? Of those, how many went out to the Labour Relations Agency (LRA) for arbitration?

Request 3

In relation to Attendance, Performance and Management procedures (AMP) how many 90/1 forms were submitted within the last 5 years and how many of them were Disability related ‘if’ that data can be identified? How many written improvement notices (WIN) were issued against disability related absences? Additionally how many 98/1 and 98/2 disability forms were submitted in the AMP processes?

Industrial Tribunals (ET1)