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April 06, 2023 | Theft and Burglary

Reference: F-2023-00570


Could I please have data on phones stolen and bags stolen in on the street thefts in the past five financial years for the Northern Ireland please? This includes

Request 1
How many phone and bag thefts there were reported - broken down by the year and the months these happened?

Request 2
Whether they were stolen by people on bikes, on foot, in cars etc.

Request 3
If the victims were injured during the theft.

Request 4
The victims location and time of the incident i.e. shopping centre, street, car.

Request 5
Outcome of case i.e. resolved, closed etc.

Request 6
Time it took to reach the outcome of the case

Request 7
If the items were recovered and returned to the owner.

Request 8
The models of the phones reported.

Additionally, if there is any data soon to be released at the end of this financial year (April 2022- April 2023) on the above information please supply this too.

Phone and Bag Thefts