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June 06, 2023 | Offences against a person

Reference: I-2023-01373


Request 1
Can the PSNI tell us how many physical assaults have been reported to the PSNI March 31st 2022 to March 31st 2023 in the city centre of Derry?

Request 2
Could we also get the same annual figures year on year for past five years, starting with March 31st 2018?

Clarification sought:
What area precisely do you refer to as a ‘City Centre of Derry’? Specific parameters including specific ‘street names’ would be required to review and retrieve any data held in our systems.

Clarification received:
I would define city centre as the following streets:
Waterloo Place, Waterloo Street, Carlisle Road, Ferryquay Street, Clarendon Street, Queen Street, Bayview Terrace, Asylum Road, Woodleigh Terrace, Shipquay Street, Shipquay Place, Guildhall Street, Frances Street, Princes Street, Bank Place, Union Hall Place, Magazine Street, Edward Street, North Street, Little James Street, Patrick Street, Queen’s Quay, Foyle Embankment, Harvey Street, High Street, Chamberlain Street, Edward Street. William Street, Butcher Street, Police Court Street, Victoria Market, Foyle Embankment and the Strand Road.

Physical Assaults in Derry City Centre