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June 06, 2023 | Road Traffic

Reference: F-2023-01149


Is it possible to extract the post code area (i.e. the first part of a post code) of people involved in RTCs?

Clarification to you the Requester
1. Please provide a time period for your request
2. Please confirm whether your request relates to (a) all individuals injured in RTCs, (b) drivers of vehicles involved in RTCs, or (c) both.

Clarification from you the Requester
1. 2019 to 2022 would be good.
2. I want to find out the post codes for all individuals injured in RTCs in Belfast and for all drivers involved in RTCs in Belfast, wherever they live for the most recent year for which you hold records.

Post Code Area of People Involved in RTCs 2019 - 2022

01149 Spreadsheet

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