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September 30, 2022 | Investigations and Operations

Reference: F-2022-01705


Request 1
I want to know how these are actually investigated each year, using the last 5 years for example (I assume no details of this year's investigations can be given as they are reportedly being investigated now) and whether or not any charges have been made or any fines issued as a result of PSNI investigations.

Request 2a
Where does the accountability and liability for these things actually lie?

Request 2b
Are specific individuals free from repercussion due to lack of accountability in large numbers?

Request 3
What is the criteria you use for deciding if these things constitute a hate crime?

Request 4
What are the possible repercussions for individuals or groups who build these bonfires and erect sectarian messages?

Request 5
Do PSNI officers go into these communities and question people or community leaders to try and find out who exactly oversees the bonfire and gives these sectarian messages approval? Or are these investigations through social media content?

Request 6
Please detail how the investigations are conducted.