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Reference: F-2021-02781


The PSNI patrol ‘named location’ daily both day and night which most residents feel intimidated with the police presence

Residents are not objecting to these patrols but the question that they require is what purpose are these patrols for and even thou they are constantly in the estate the drug dealers are able to deal even with the police presence and never approached would this because the main supplier of these illegal substances is an agent of the state provocateur which is the opinion of the whole village not just the estate.

Out of 19 different estates in the village of ‘named location’ is the only estate that receives these daily and nightly patrols which on the whole make residents feel intimidated and does not set a great example for the identity of this estate and decent resident have felt the need to terminate their tenancy and source alternative accommodation out of ‘named location’.

Would it be possible to supply information as to why these constant patrols are required in this area of ‘named location’ and not in any of the surrounding estates.

We all know everyone would require police help at some stage in life but with no crimes other than domestic incidents with alcohol on board and the drugs being dealt from the one address in the estate even when a police patrol is present what is the purpose of these patrols.


PSNI Patrols