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December 01, 2022 | Policing Other

Reference: F-2022-02720


The PSNI commissioned a review into the licencing, transport and use of explosives within Northern Ireland with the aim of examining the role of the Explosives Blasting Unit (EBU) with a view to identifying internal recommendations regarding future operations and resourcing more than one year ago.

Request 1
Can you please state who conducted the review and demonstrate the criteria used to commission said company?

Request 2
Can you please state the cost to the public purse of said review and other additional costs associated from withholding its release?

Request 3
How long will said report be in abeyance?

Request 4
What are the specific reasons for the report being withheld from those who paid for it, the public?

Request 5
What was the name of the company who won the contract for said review?

Request 6
Did the contract for said review go out to public tender?

Request 7
If so, what companies applied for the contract? If not, why not?

Request 8
Was the procurement process open, transparent and in line with PSNI Procurement Contract Management Services?