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September 28, 2022 | Investigations and Operations

Reference: F-2022-00394


Request 1
I am writing to request information relating to the Twelfth of July bonfire season (1st - 31st July) for the dates 2001, 2010, 2015 & 2021 to be used as part of an academic research paper discussing religious violence in Northern Ireland. Please could you provide the following; The number of officers deployed over the above periods, and the cost in salaries and other monetary obligations relating to officers deployed.

Request 2
The total cost of policing the above periods including damages.

Request 3
The number of officers injured over these periods.

Request 4
The number of complaints received by the PSNI over these periods relating to bonfires, e.g. reports of bonfires containing sectarian imagery, or the illegal placement of bonfires such as private or government land.

Request 5a
Please could you also provide the following information relating to the Distillery Street August 2020 disorder: The number of officers deployed, injured, and the total cost of the operation?

Request 5b
The number of arrests made relating to the incident?

Request 5c
The amount of bonfire materials seized and the justification for doing so?