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Garden Security

If you are a Homeowner or Landlord it is not only important to secure the main building but also any outbuildings and or garden furniture or equipment. Spending money on security for your property and garden is a good investment. Approved security fittings will last a long time, they can add value to your property and help deter the thief.

Preventing Theft

  • Large items, such as bicycles, should be chained together. It is much more difficult for a thief to carry a lot of large, heavy items than one individual item.
  • Ensure that ladders are locked to a secure fixture in the shed or garage so they cannot be used to reach the top floor windows of your house or climb over walls or high fences.
  • Valuables should be marked with your postcode. There are other ways to mark your property, your local Crime Prevention Officer will be able to advise.
  • Use Defensive planting to protect vulnerable areas such aswindows, fences, boundary walls and drainpipes. ‘Defensive Planting’ is the term used to describe the way you can use certain prickly plants, bushes and shrubs to deter burglars. This green-leafed security measure is not meant to replace, but to compliment other security measures, such as lighting, locks and alarms.

Security Lighting

Well positioned external lighting can help deter intruders and specialist lighting can be purchased from reputable DIY stores. Your local Crime Prevention Officer can advise on the best areas to install and position the lighting for maximum effect. 

Protect Your Shed

  • Keep your shed in good condition.
  • Fit a closed shackle padlock to the door. Fittings should be bolted through the door and any screws concealed.
  • Fit grilles or mesh to the windows.
  • Invest in an alarm.
  • Have a sensor or security light installed to focus on the shed.

Insurance Policies

Check that your household insurance policy covers garden or shed equipment and find out if any minimum security standards apply. Some items may have to be individually listed on your insurance policy to ensure that they are covered.

Garden Safety

Here are a few tips for a safer garden:

  • Keep gates, fences and walls in good repair to stop intruders.
  • Grow prickly plants close to vulnerable areas such as windows, fences, boundary walls and drainpipes.
  • Never leave expensive equipment in the shed or outside.
  • Do not leave ladders and tools in your garden as these could be used to break into your home