The Police Service of Northern Ireland is required to monitor how the service we provide meets the needs of the entire community and by having appropriate employment and working practices, in accordance with Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. 

To help us ensure that we are meeting this commitment we will be asking you to complete and return to us equality monitoring information for analysis.  This information may take the format of a hard copy paper form or an electronic online questionnaire.

You are not obliged to provide equality monitoring information and you can choose to answer some, all or none of the equality monitoring questions.  However any information you do provide will be held securely by the PSNI and will not be be used to influence any criminal justice decisions about you.


The Police Service of Northern Ireland is also required to monitor how our services meet the needs of the local community.  We will therefore carry out a variety of user satisfaction surveys to enable us to do this. These will either be conducted internally or contracted out with the companies tendered being suitably vetted to allow them to conduct the survey.  We will enter into a contractual arrangement to ensure that company acts only on our instruction and that there is an appropriate level of security around the handling of all personal information. This is in compliance with the security provisions set out in the Data Protection Act.

Evaluation Statistics

The PSNI is committed to improving performance using data to identify ‘What Works’. 

PSNI Annual Progress Report

Each year the PSNI submits a report to the Equality Commission detailing the progress made under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

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