From Wednesday, 01 May Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) are requesting that anyone reporting a non-emergency incident provides an email address when doing so.  Currently there is a system in place where automated email responses are provided in all online reports made to our organisation.  This means that the reporting person or victim receives the reference number and the name of the Investigating Officer to do with their report.  This is as a result of the reporting person entering their email address to their report.

This automated response is now expanding to provide this information to the reporting person or victim for all non-emergency incidents regardless of their source, whether that be from a phone call, reporting in person or reporting online. 

Superintendent Phil Prendergast of Justice Operations said: “Whilst it is not compulsory to provide an email address when reporting a non-emergency incident we would highly recommend you do so moving forward."

“This will help ensure that we improve our response and communication with victims, something which will help us to meet our obligations under the Victim Charter and ultimately deliver a better service to the public.”