Image of genuine note
Image of genuine note

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is asking retailers and the public to exercise caution when dealing with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) polymer/plastic £50 notes, after a number of counterfeit notes were recovered across Northern Ireland recently.

Counterfeit £50 notes can be identified as fake from the holographic foil strip on each note. A genuine note will have a silver holographic foil strip whilst the counterfeit notes have been found with gold holographic foil strips. It has also been identified that the counterfeit notes do not have individual serial numbers but feature repeating serial numbers.

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Wilson from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Economic Crime Unit said: “We are keen to take this opportunity to inform everyone about these counterfeit RBS notes – including business owners, employees and members of the public – and to ask them to be vigilant when handling these notes. Anyone with any concerns or information regarding counterfeit notes should call 101. A report can also be made using the online reporting form via Alternatively, information can be provided to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at”

Please find attached image of a genuine note with silver foil strip and below links to Association of Commercial Banknote Issuers website.

The link below to the Association of Commercial Banknote Issuers website provides details of key security features in relation to both Scottish polymer (plastic) £50s including the RBS £50 

The additional link below to the ACBI website with regards to all security features in the RBS £50