Road Safety Vans help to deter speeding.
Road Safety Vans help to deter speeding.

Recently there have been a number of occurrences of members of the public attempting to obstruct or impede the operation of the Safety Camera Vans.

Superintendent Gary Busch from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Operational Support Department said: “This needs to stop, anyone who directs verbal or physical abuse towards camera operators can expect to be dealt with by police and the courts thereafter.

"Speeding is one of the most common causes of serious collisions in which people are killed or seriously injured on our roads.

"The Road Safety Partnership (RSP) is committed to reducing the number of collisions and casualties on our roads by preventing and detecting speeding offences.

"The purpose of Safety Camera van deployments is to slow drivers’ speeds and keep everyone safer on the roads. The vans are deployed to locations across Northern Ireland where there is a proven history of collisions, or where the local community has requested speed enforcement action.

"Unfortunately 23 people have been killed on our roads already this year.

"Our safety camera vans are a key element in reducing drivers’ speed and we remain resolute in our determination to prevent the unnecessary deaths, injury and the harm speeding causes in communities.

"You can find further details on the ‘Fatal Five’ initiative here -"