Detectives have welcomed the sentences handed down to a Belfast couple in Craigavon Crown Court this morning (Friday, March 12th), in relation to the assault of a three month old child in the Dunmurry area.

A 33 year old man and 27 year old woman were convicted of causing or allowing serious injury to a child in 2017.

The man was sentenced to 21 months, half to be served on licence whilst the woman was sentenced to 16 months, half to be served on licence.

Detective Sergeant Nigel Sterritt said: “In this case, the victim, a child of just three months suffered fractured ribs and bruising to the face and we welcome the custodial sentences being imposed on the man and woman convicted.

“PSNI are committed to tackling all forms of child abuse to ensure we can protect children and bring offenders before the courts.

“The child in this case was just three months old when it suffered these injuries and we welcome the sentencing handed out by the judge in this matter. This shows that the PSNI are determined to bring offenders in crimes of this nature before the courts.”