Roy Reynolds

Father and grandfather, Roy Reynolds (pictured) who was murdered in Co Antrim in March 2022.


Michael Campbell and Robert Mervyn Fulton appeared before Belfast Crown Court today, 13 March, in connection with the murder of Roy Reynolds in County Antrim in 2022.

Campbell, aged 34, was handed a life sentence last December after pleading guilty to Mr Reynold’s murder.  At today’s hearing, he was told he will serve a minimum of 21 years in prison. 

He was also sentenced for attempting to prevent the lawful and decent burial of Mr Reynolds.  Both sentences will run concurrently.

Fulton, aged 70, having pleaded guilty to assisting an offender, was sentenced to two years and four months, half to be served in custody and half on licence.

Detective Inspector Sean Armstrong said: “Following a call from a member of the public, police found a partially submerged and semi-naked body in a reservoir in Carrickfergus.  This was on the morning of Monday 28 March 2022.  

“The deceased was identified as Mr Roy Reynolds, and a post mortem examination confirmed he had sustained multiple injuries, including stab wounds.  Distressingly, there were over 100 injuries to his body.”

Detective Inspector Armstrong continued: “We know that Roy had been out walking in Rathcoole on the evening of Sunday 27 March, and had stopped to speak with Michael Campbell, before being invited into Campbell’s home. 

“In the early hours of Monday, police received a report of a body being dragged from Campbell’s apartment and placed in the boot of a car. 

“Police subsequently located and stopped the car in the Rathcoole area, where it was being driven by its owner Mervyn Fulton, with Michael Campbell as a passenger. The pair were heading back from the direction of the reservoir.  Officers observed blood stains on the back bumper, inside the boot, and on Campbell’s hands and clothing.”

He added: “There’s no comprehending, and certainly no justification for, this tragic event.  Roy, who was aged 54, had his life taken in a horrific attack – a murder made even more disturbing by the callous way in which the two subsequently disposed of his body.  This was the most brutal and senseless loss of a life. 

“Today, working in partnership with the Public Prosecution Service and thanks to the support of members of the public, the two defendants have been held accountable. 

“I know that Roy’s loving family have understandably been left broken-hearted, and my thoughts, and that of our team, remain with them.  Roy was a much-loved father and grandfather, a brother and an uncle.  And, while no words can take away their pain, I’m keen to acknowledge the strength, dignity and patience they have shown throughout the criminal justice process.”


Statement from Eric McCully, who is Roy’s brother-in-law, on behalf of the family

We, Roy’s family, find ourselves in the midst of an unimaginable tragedy. Our beloved Roy Reynolds, affectionately known as Fobby, was taken from us far too soon. As we grapple with grief, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has stood by our side during this harrowing time.

First and foremost, we extend our deepest appreciation to the members of our family and public who bravely stepped forward and shared their accounts with the authorities. Your courage in reliving painful memories has not gone unnoticed. Together, we seek justice for Roy, and your unwavering support strengthens our resolve.

To the public, whose compassion and empathy have touched our hearts, we say thank you. Your kind words, gestures, and presence have provided solace when words fail us. Your solidarity reminds us that we are not alone in this dark hour.

We reserve a special place of honour for the individual who reported the incident to the police. Your swift action ensured that Roy’s case received immediate attention. Your vigilance matters, and we are forever grateful for your role in bringing this tragedy to light.

To the member of the public who discovered Roy and promptly alerted the authorities, we express our heartfelt appreciation.

Additionally, we extend our gratitude to the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Your tireless efforts in investigating this heartbreaking incident are deeply appreciated. We trust in your commitment to justice and accountability.

Fobby was more than a name; he was a cherished brother, father, and grandfather. His twin sister, Maggie, shares our grief, as do his brother Phillip and sisters Samantha, Joanne and Donna. Roy’s legacy lives on through his daughters, Natasha and Lisa, and his three precious grandchildren: Charlie, Freya, and Ayda.

In this time of sorrow, we kindly request privacy for our family. We need space to mourn, to remember, and to find strength in each other. Please respect our need for solitude as we navigate this painful journey.

May Roy’s memory be a beacon of love and resilience.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Roy’s Family
God bless