Fermanagh and Omagh

The Fermanagh and Omagh Policing District was established in 1st April 2015 and is one of eleven districts within Northern Ireland. The district covers most of the southwest of Northern Ireland straddling two counties. The district is mainly rural and occupies large areas of the border with the Republic of Ireland. There are a number of towns and villages in the district including the larger towns of Omagh and Enniskillen. 

Superintendent Mervyn Seffen is the District Commander for Fermanagh and Omagh District. He is supported by Chief Inspector Rory Hoy for Performance and Chief Inspector Robert McGowan for Engagement. They will be responsible for all aspects of local policing and setting the District’s policing priorities along with the Policing and Community Safety Partnership.

District Personnel

  • Superintendent Mervyn Seffen


    Mervyn Seffen

    is the District Commander responsible for Fermanagh and Omagh.

  • Chief Inspector Rory Hoy

    Chief Inspector

    Rory Hoy

    is responsible for performance.

  • Chief Inspector Robert McGowan

    Chief Inspector

    Robert McGowan

    is responsible for engagement.

Your Local Policing Area

Communities living in Fermanagh and Omagh District now have two Local Policing Teams (LPTs), based in Enniskillen and Omagh Police Stations, providing 24 hour cover to continue keeping local people safe right across the District. These officers will be supported by seven Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs), based in Enniskillen, Omagh, Kesh and Lisnaskea Police Stations, which will be mobile and deployed to areas to deal with critical issues.

Our Commitment to your District

Our job is to keep people safe. We want to do that by policing alongside you, providing a speedy, effective service but also taking the time to listen to you and play our part in making our communities safer and more confident places to live and work in.

We have changed our policing to be more responsive to the needs of your community. In Fermanagh and Omagh we have Local Policing Teams (LPTs) which work alongside colleagues in Reactive and Organised Crime (ROC) to tackle crime in your communities.

LPTs will be based in Enniskillen and Omagh and will be available 24/7 to come to help you. Officers will work with you on community problems, provide advice and reassurance and spend time learning about how we can work with you to improve your safety and quality of life.

Your district has seven Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs) working out of Enniskillen, Omagh, Kesh and Lisnaskea stations. They will be mobile and sent to areas where they are most needed.

We will be working closely with the district council, health trusts, schools and other key organisations to ensure that we provide the very best service to you and your community.