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Neighbourhood police in Antrim have worked together with partners and young people to address antisocial behaviour in the town centre.

Antrim Neighbourhood Policing Team developed a local initiative to reduce antisocial behaviour specifically on Saturday afternoons in the town centre. After pinpointing the problem they worked along with local businesses and Youth Justice to solve it. The result was a programme designed to draw young people away from antisocial behaviour and offer them an alternative – Gym Justice.

The group of young people joined an eight week programme hosted by a local gym where had the opportunity to discover new skills and abilities that they never knew they had. The programme also enable police and the young people to get to each other, improving communication and breaking down barriers.

The scheme was a great success with 12 people completing the programme and one person obtaining a professional qualification. By working in partnership and being responsive to local concerns we have seen a reduction in antisocial behaviour.