Chief Constable introduces draft visuals for new Police Service NI branding

  • 05 June 2020

Rebrand Image.jpg

Chief Constable Simon Byrne has today released his draft visuals for a refresh of Police Service of Northern Ireland branding (image above).

The Chief Constable explained:” When I first took on the role as Chief Constable I made it clear that my ambition was to provide a more visible, accessible, responsive and community-focused service.

“As your Police Service we believe the ability to be able to communicate effectively with you is essential. For that reason, we are currently reviewing and working hard to improve our communications and as part of this work, we are refreshing our current brand guidelines.

“Policing is so much more than an acronym – which is why our brand review is focussing on using ‘Police Service NI’ as opposed to ‘PSNI’. Our current brand is simply the crest and we aim to enhance this to better reflect the breadth and depth of what we do and to improve our connection to our communities.

“We are keen to bring consistency and a fresher look to the Police Service NI brand and imagery across our digital platforms, publications, building signage, livery and our website. Alongside this, we are reviewing our uniform and our vehicle fleet signage. It is important to highlight that we are not changing the crest or the name of the Service as both are representative of the service we deliver and are set in law.

“We have already briefed the Northern Ireland Policing Board, the Justice Minister and the Police Federation on our plans and will be starting a consultation process over the summer months that will continue into the Autumn to get your views before returning to the Policing Board with an update on the final proposals.

“Today we are releasing our draft visuals for better use of the Service Crest which will enhance the name and purpose of Police Service NI. All of this design work has been completed in house with our own graphic designers and, to date, has been cost neutral.

“I look forward to introducing a brand that reflects our connection and continued partnership with all communities in Northern Ireland.”

Proposed new livery for police vehicles

Image: Proposed new vehicle signage for livery cars, vans and jeeps

Police Service of Northern Ireland brand

Image: Current Police Service of Northern Ireland brand image