PSNI Clarify Position in Relation to Legacy Investigations

  • 08 December 2016

PSNI Clarify Position in Relation to Legacy Investigations

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Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, Head of the PSNI’s Legacy and Justice Department, said: “For clarification purposes, the HET was formed in 2006 to review all Troubles related deaths, including those attributed to the military. By 2013, a number of cases had been reviewed, not all of which were military.

“In July 2013, the HMIC report into HET raised significant concerns, some of which related specifically to the military cases, which the then Chief Constable took very seriously. Due to the concerns raised, the decision was taken to re-examine military cases to ensure the quality of the review reached the required standard.

“This was announced as part of our response to the HMIC report at the time, it is not a new development. It was communicated publically in July 2013 and is a matter of public record.

“Between 1 January, 1969, and 1 March, 2004, there were more than 3,200 homicides in Northern Ireland. The review of all these cases and, where investigative opportunities are identified, the further investigation of them, is the responsibility of the PSNI’s Legacy Investigation Branch.

“There is no new single probe or bespoke inquiry into deaths attributed to the British Army. All Troubles related deaths will be reviewed by LIB using the Case Sequencing Model which does not prioritise military cases. This is not a new decision.

“If there is a political decision to establish a Historical Inquiries Unit, LIB’s responsibilities will pass to it.”

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