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We do not issue 'certificates of good conduct' or 'police clearance certificates' for visa or emigration. However, in our experience foreign embassies will accept a police reply with details of any convictions and cautions supplied in response to a subject access request.

If you require a police certificate for the purpose of applications for emigration, visas or residency in Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa or the United States of America, you should apply for a police certificate via the ACRO website.

If you require a disclosure for immigration to a country other than those listed above, you should contact the relevant Embassy or High Commission for advice to establish whether an ACRO Police Certificate is acceptable.

Please note that a certificate for the above countries is processed entirely by the ACRO Criminal Records Office. You should contact ACRO directly regarding all submissions and enquiries relating this this process.

If you receive your check back from ACRO and you feel the information is incorrect (ie misspelling of your name or address) you should contact them directly.

If you have a complaint regarding a specific offence (ie I didn't commit that offence, the wording is wrong etc), then you will need to write to the Data Protection Unit of the police service that dealt with the offence in the first place.