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As a general rule, if you think something is unusual or suspicious, then please report it. The sooner you report it, the earlier police can take action.

Examples of unusual or suspicious behaviour may be:

  • Unusual boat movements late at night or early in the morning
  • People being landed at unusual locations
  • People not knowing about boat handling
  • People dressed inadequately for sailing
  • Boats moving around at night time with no navigational lighting
  • RIBS being loaded / unloaded at unusual times or places
  • Packages being transferred out at sea from larger boats
  • Packages being transferred to waiting cars
  • Strangers acting suspiciously within the marina
  • Strangers wanting to hire boats
  • Boats with extra fuel tanks
  • Boats overloaded with passengers

If you notice anything unusual or suspicious:

  • Never involve yourself
  • Never touch any suspicious packages
  • Make a note of any registration numbers, markings or descriptions.

Remember: if you have any information or concerns regarding any of the above, or about your own port or any port you may visit, then please contact police as soon as possible.

Contact Us

Police Service for Northern Ireland
Ports Regional Control Desk
Police Headquarters
65 Knock Road
Email: [email protected]

Please always remember to dial 999 in an emergency.

Or you can report information anonymously to Crimestoppers
Tel:  0800 555 111  
Online: Crimestoppers anonymous online reporting form