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Research shows that 1 in 4 LGBT people may experience domestic abuse.

Does your partner use your sexuality by:

  • Telling you that all abuse is 'mutual' in a same sex / lesbian / gay relationship?
  • Making threats to 'out' you at work, with family or friends?
  • Questioning where you go, or put you down for going out on the Scene?
  • Getting jealous, possessive or angry about your friends or family?
  • Telling you you're not a real LGBT person based on how you look, act, or past relationships?

Do you:

  • Feel responsible for your partner's behaviour and take the blame for their problems?
  • Worry about upsetting your partner, or being the cause of an argument?
  • Sometimes get the 'silent treatment' and feel on edge? 
  • Feel nervous in your partner's company, but when away from them feel more confident and easier?

If any of the above is happening to you or you are concerned about abusive behaviour please contact us on 101 or Make an Online Report. Remember, if it is an emergency or the safety of anyone is at immediate risk please dial 999.

You can also obtain further advice and information by visiting The Rainbow Project.