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What is the Safe Place Initiative?

Safe Place is an initiative which provides support in a range of settings for people requiring information on domestic violence. It is estimated that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men will experience domestic violence during their lifetime. In most businesses, it is likely that customers, service users and staff will include victims of domestic violence on a daily basis.

Are Police Stations Safe Places?

All Police Stations are designated Safe Places.

As a Safe Place organisation we will:

  • Support the Safe Place Campaign Pledge: never to commit, condone or stay silent about domestic violence.
  • Provide a safe place for victims of domestic violence to confidentially access information.
  • Acknowledge domestic violence is a problem that impacts on all of us as a society, and will be prepared to play our part in supporting victims and state clearly to perpetrators that we will not tolerate abuse in our community.

In 2014, the PSNI were presented with the Platinum Workplace Charter Award in recognition of our workplace policy and training in supporting victims of domestic abuse. It is vitally important that people are aware they no longer have to endure abuse, that there is support for them and a means through the law to address the situation they are in. Many people will be unaware that there are services to help them leave an abusive relationship. The Safe Place logo is reassurance for any victim that there is support available. The PSNI are delighted that the initiative has been so well received - an acknowledgement, we believe, that the message that domestic abuse is never acceptable is endorsed throughout our community.

Safe Place Logo