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The Police Service is one of Northern Ireland’s largest employers. The Human Resources Department is responsible for developing, supporting and training all officers and staff, promoting their health and welfare and ensuring that the right people with the right skills are allocated to help make Northern Ireland a safer place for everyone.

The Human Resources Department will keep people safe by ensuring that the Policing with the Community ethos is instilled, promoted and developed within the department. This ethos will be evidenced through collaborative decision making; courtesy, respect and fairness and accountability.

The Human Resources Department is made up of:

  • HR Operations
  • Internal Resourcing Branch

HR Operations

The HR Operations Branch provides an effective HR service model which provides managers and staff with appropriate HR advice and support in a timely manner.

Internal Resourcing Branch 

The Internal Resourcing Branch has responsibility for delivering specialist selection and promotion processes, and managing transfers and appointments to fill substantive vacancies throughout the organisation. This includes:

  • Student Officer allocations to Districts
  • Managing appointments following organisation-wide selection processes for Police Officers and Police Staff
  • Permanent transfers for Police Officers and Police Staff
  • Developing and managing promotion processes
  • Other functions including:

- Career breaks extensions

- Cessations for Police Officers leaving the Service

- Police Officer Extensions of Service

- Secondments out of the Police Service of Northern Ireland for Police Officers and Police staff

- Job Evaluation and grading

- Exchange Programme with An Garda Síochána

Career Opportunities

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is committed to being representative of the communities we serve and welcomes all applicants interested in a career in policing.


To find out more about police officer and police staff career opportunities and the process for recruitment, please visit the Join PSNI website.