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The role of the Estates Branch is to support the attainment of the Policing Plan objectives by providing a building stock compliant with appropriate accommodation standards, in the right locations to satisfy Operational Policing Strategies, and in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

The Estates Branch is required to comply with statutory building regulations and to ensure that the buildings are fit for purpose for employees of the Police Service of Northern Ireland and visitors to the estate.


The Branch prepare an Annual Business Plan reflecting available capital and revenue budgets and develop prioritised work programmes to ensure the above objectives are met. 

These programmes include basic maintenance upgrade works designed to keep the building infrastructures and fabrics in good order.  Minor work programmes are implemented and these include extensions, redesign of existing facilities for new Business Units, security infrastructure works, environmental management projects.

The business model of the Branch is an outsourced model utilising contracts with private sector design teams and Contractors to manage and develop the Estate.  The core contract is the PSNI/Property Management Agent contract which is responsible for all aspects of the maintenance of the facilities.

The Branch

The Branch is located in Belfast and is comprised of between 15-20 staff, the establishment varies based on need and available finance. It primarily consists of technical qualified individuals who are focused on managing the outsourced contracts to deliver the Annual Business Plans.

It should be noted that the facilities are owned by the Northern Ireland Policing Board and therefore the Branch has a responsibility to the Policing Board as well as the Chief Constable.