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The Strategic Planning and Transformation Department acts on behalf of the Chief Constable and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Planning, Performance and monitoring of recommendations for improvement at a strategic level within the Police Service.


The branch is responsible for the preparation of the Northern Ireland Policing Plan which is published by the Northern Ireland Policing Board each year. They also assist the various District Areas to prepare their Local Policing Plans and coordinate the strategic planning process to ensure that the vision held by the Chief Constable and his Senior Managers for the future of the Police Service is achieved.


The branch monitors the performance of the Police Service of Northern Ireland against the objectives, indicators and targets set by the Northern Ireland Policing Board in their Annual Policing Plan through a monthly and quarterly reporting process.

They also provide assistance to District Areas in reporting their performance to the Local Police and Community Safety Partnerships.


Overview is the sole corporate mechanism for monitoring all external recommendations and those arising from internal projects which have an efficiency, improvement and business process review angle.

Inspection Liaison

The branch is responsible for liaison on behalf of the organisation with all Inspection Bodies. This entails arranging familiarisation visits, focus group meetings, reality testing events, collation of data or statistical information and arranging fieldwork visits. In addition, the branch is responsible for quality assurance and return of Factual Accuracy checks on Inspection Reports.

Official Statistics

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is listed in The Official Statistics Order 2009 as a producer of official statistics and is therefore subject to the Statistics and Registration Act 2007. Statisticians from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency are seconded to the PSNI and are responsible for ensuring that the statistics they produce comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. For more information and to access the Official Statistics produced by the branch go to our Official Statistics page.


The role of the Estates Branch is to support the attainment of the Policing Plan objectives by providing a building stock compliant with appropriate accommodation standards, in the right locations to satisfy Operational Policing Strategies, and in the most cost effective and efficient manner.


The Transformation Branch supports the delivery of organisation change programmes using change management techniques, programme management techniques and evidence-based policing research.