Information About Yourself

  • Employment Disclosures

    The PSNI Data Protection Unit does not provide criminal history checks for employment vetting. If you require a disclosure for employment purposes, please contact Access NI on 0300 200 7888.

  • Data Protection

    Data protection legislation requires that those who record and use personal information be open about how this information is used and that anyone processing personal data comply with six data protection principles of good practice.

  • Making a Subject Access Request

    If you wish to make a request for 'your personal data' under data protection legislation, PSNI would request you do so in writing, preferably by completing the PSNI subject access form (DAT1).

  • Emigration and Visa Disclosures

    The PSNI do not issue "certificates of good conduct" or "police clearance certificates", for visa or emigration however in our experience foreign embassies will generally accept a police reply with details of any convictions and cautions supplied in response to a subject access request.

  • Useful Contacts

    ACRO Criminal Records Office, College of Policing Authorised Professional Practice (APP) information, Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and AccessNI contact details

  • Adult Privacy Notice

    Individuals have the right to be informed about how their personal data is handled by the PSNI. This document explains how the PSNI processes personal data.

  • Child Privacy Notice

    Everyone has the right to know what the PSNI does with information about them. This type of information is called personal data. This document sets out how PSNI uses personal data.

  • Enacting Other Rights Under DP

    In addition to the right of access, individuals have the right to request the following from PSNI: Right to rectification; Right to erasure; Right to restriction; Right to data portability; Right to object; & Right not to be subject to automated processing.