Strategic Communications and Engagement

Almost everything you see, hear about or read in the press about Police Service NI has involved our Strategic Communications and Engagement Department.

The entire department supports operational policing to Keep People Safe by assisting in preventing crime and harm to individuals and society, protecting the vulnerable and detecting those who commit crime and bring them to justice. 

We also provide opportunities to 'tell our story' in a way that builds and promotes confidence in your police service. Finally, we manage and protect the reputation of the organisation. 

In order to do this, the Strategic Communications and Engagement Department has a number of functions.

Press Office

The Press Office is the central point of contact for all media related enquiries and is contactable to media between 7am to 8pm during weekdays and 9am to 5pm during weekends.

Outside of office opening hours the department updates journalists via a dedicated newsline service as well as updating social media.

Press Office staff provide advice and guidance on a range of issues and act as a conduit for the flows of information to media, stakeholders and the public, i.e. appeals for information on reported crimes, responses to specific queries from journalists, responses to published reports (Police Ombudsman, HMIC, Policing Board) and commentary on specific incidents. 

Area Media Officers

Area Media Officers work with our  three Area Co-ordinators, Belfast, North and South, and 11 District Commanders to generate information which supports district policing objectives and local policing plan priorities. Their role is both proactive and reactive, creating content to support local policing whilst also responding to media enquiries relevant to their area. 

Area Media Officers work in collaboration with local council representatives, community and voluntary organisations and other key stakeholders to deliver accurate, timely and relevant information to the public. 

Internal Communications

Ensuring that our officers and staff are kept up-to-date with what is happening across the Police Service at both a strategic and operational level is critical to the success of our organisation.

Our Internal Communications team is responsible for a number of areas including Employee Engagement, delivering campaigns to support major change projects within the Police Service and highlighting ongoing important issues. This is done by the production of various internal publications and the ongoing development of communications channels.

Digital Hub

Corporate Communications staff along with local officers manage all of our social media platforms, including our 17 Facebook pages, 19 Twitter accounts, 1 Instagram account, 1 LinkedIn page and our Youtube channel. With over 1 million followers, our social media channels provide us with an instant way to engage with the local communities we serve. They work closely with officers and staff at a local level to ensure we get relevant and engaging content on your local social media channels. We actively explore emerging technologies and communications channels so that we can deliver the very best social media experience to you. 


In an average week, on social media we will:

  • Add 5000 followers across all our accounts.
  • Publish 1,000 social media posts.
  • Have a reach of around 2 million people on Facebook.

Press Office Facts

  • In an average year the press office deals with approximately 16,200 calls and will issue 8,500 press releases and media responses.
  • The most calls handled in a single 24 hour period was 479.
  • We currently have details of almost 5,000different journalists from across the world registered as having contacted us with media enquiries over the last 10 years.