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The purpose of this webpage is to signpost those working in the journalism industry to safety and security measures. This content is not exhaustive and it is recommended that further advice is sought using the links provided. 

We take the safety of journalists very seriously. As a result, we have appointed two Journalist Safety Officers and established an internal Journalist Safety Group. If you need advice in relation to an incident, threat or crime which is connected to your role as a journalist, please contact 101 and ask to speak with the Journalist Safety Officer in our Strategic Communications and Engagement Department.

Risk Assessment

Ensure security policies and risk assessments for places of work, travelling, public spaces, and at home are up to date. See ProtectUK advice and guidance.

Police Service of Northern Ireland Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSA) can also provide bespoke guidance. Please contact [email protected] 

Online Safety

Posting information online can put your personal safety at risk. Location based information can be posted on social networks, telling others exactly where you are or have been.

 For extensive online safety advice see Cyber Aware and Get Safe Online


Plan your journey and notify someone of your plans. If you are travelling by car, do not park in isolated or poorly lit car parks, look for those with the Park Mark.

Keep identification hidden and ensure valuables are out of sight. If you feel uncomfortable or at risk, seek a place of safety, such as a shop or where there are other people and tell someone what is happening.

Home Security

Developing effective home security can be simple, inexpensive and can reduce opportunity from criminals taking advantage of insecure homes.

For further guidance see

Stalking and Harassment

Stalking and harassment is when someone repeatedly behaves in a way that makes you feel scared, distressed or threatened. There are different types of stalking and harassment and anyone can be a victim. Stalking and harassment are now offences under the Protection from Stalking Act NI 2022.