Daniel Szcezyelak was sentenced today, Friday 20 October, at Downpatrick Crown Court for the murder of Nigel Orr-McAuley.

Mr Orr-McAuley, who was aged 53, was found dead in his home in Bangor in July 2021.  He was found in his bedroom in a house that he shared with the defendant and others.

Szcezyelak, aged 38, was told he will serve a minimum of 11 and a half years in prison, having previously pleaded guilty to murder.

Detective Inspector Michelle Griffin said: “Nigel Orr-McAuley was found inside the locked bedroom of his Bangor home in the early hours of Wednesday 14 July 2021.  Sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene.  He had sustained multiple stab wounds to his head, arms and body.”

She continued: “The two men had been socialising together prior to this fatal attack.  It’s believed that Szcezyelak demanded money and, when his demand was not immediately met, stabbed his victim multiple times.

“This was an unprovoked attack, and one which has taken an innocent man’s life, leaving a loving family bereft.

“I’m keen to thank Nigel’s neighbours and companions who, having witnessed some of the disturbing ordeal, were quick to assist the investigation. Thanks to such support, and with the backing of strong forensic evidence, Szcezyelak entered a guilty plea before evidence was opened to the court.  Importantly, the family and witnesses did not have to re-experience the fine detail of this cruel attack.

“Today, Szcezyelak has been held accountable for his violent actions, which sadly can never be undone.  My thoughts, and that of the team, remain firmly with Nigel’s family and friends, whose worlds have been torn apart.”