Appeal to parents and young people to stay safe this Halloween


Police in Fermanagh and Omagh want to make sure parents and young people have the information they need to stay safe this Halloween.

Superintendent Alywin Barton says that while Halloween celebrations might look a little different this year it is important that everyone behaves in a manner that does not impact negatively on the quality of life of others.

“Most people celebrate responsibly, but we need to be considerate and mindful of others when it comes to marking the Halloween festivities,” he said

“Remember, what might appear like harmless fun to some, feels like anti-social behaviour to others. Staying safe this Halloween means parents knowing exactly where their children are and what they are doing and for young people to make sure their actions are respectful, safe and legal.

“Already we are beginning to get reports regarding the misuse of fireworks. It is illegal to possess, sell, handle or use fireworks if you do not have a licence and you can be fined up to £5,000 for breaking the law. It’s important to remember that fireworks are made from explosive material and if misused, can cause serious and life changing injuries. The law clearly states that fireworks - except indoor fireworks and sparklers - must be bought from reputable, licensed dealers who are required to keep sales records. Fireworks bought from other sources may not be British Standard approved thus presenting an even bigger risk of injury.

“If you have information about fireworks being sold illegally in your area please contact us on 101.”