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If you receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (Endorsable) for a speeding offence/other relevant offence, you must (if required by the detecting officer) present the necessary driving documents in person at the stipulated police station within seven days.

Fixed Penalty Notice Offence Codes

The information shown below refers to fixed penalty court codes, not Police Service of Northern Ireland codes.

    Fixed Penalty Notice Offence Codes

    Non-Endorsable Fixed Penalties

    Police officers in uniform, in addition to parking attendants, currently issue Non-Endorsable Fixed Penalties.

    There are over 130 offences associated with a non-endorsable notice ranging from lighting offences to incorrect form of registration marking.

    Non-Endorsable Fixed Penalty notices carry a fine of £30. There are no points endorsed on your driving licence.

    The Traffic Management (NI) Order 2005 came into effect on 30th October 2006. The effect of this legislation was to decriminalise the vast majority of parking and waiting offences in Northern Ireland.

    Responsibility for enforcement of parking/waiting restrictions is carried out by traffic attendants and is the responsibility of Department for Infrastructure (DfI). National Car Parks Limited provides this service on behalf of the DfI.

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    Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notices

    Police officers (in uniform) are able to issue Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notices (EFPNs) for a variety of road traffic offences. The offences range from stopping on a motorway to defective tyres. Parking attendants will be able to issue EFPNs for offences related to pelican and zebra crossings only.

    However, the most common ones are excess speed, using a handheld mobile phone and driver failing to wear a seatbelt.

    Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notices differ from non-endorsable fixed penalty notices. They involve the endorsement of penalty points on a driving licence and they carry a heavier fine currently £60. Penalty points remain on your licence for a period of three years.

    The offence of ‘Driving or causing or permitting a person to drive a motor vehicle whilst uninsured’ may also be dealt with by the issue of an Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notice. The penalty for this offence is a fine of £200 and six penalty points. Your vehicle will also be seized pending the production of valid insurance and any other required driving documents.

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    Safety Camera Scheme Detected Speeding Offences

    Once Safety Camera Scheme Vehicles detect a speeding offender, the Fixed Penalty Processing Centre (FPPC) will send a ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’ to the registered owner.

    The owner of the vehicle must inform FPPC who was driving the vehicle at the time of the offence. Failure to disclose the relevant information will result in your prosecution for this offence.

    If you were driving the vehicle:

    You should complete part one of the form. In most cases you will receive a Conditional Offer. If you have more than nine points on your licence then it will go directly to the courts. (Unless you meet eligibility criteria for referral to a Speed Awareness or Young Driver Scheme course).
    If someone else was driving your vehicle:

    You must complete part two of the form with details about the vehicle’s driver. If the driver was an employee you have a duty to identify the driver. Failure to do so may result in the company being prosecuted.