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Legacy Investigation Branch (LIB) was established in 2015, bringing together several different parts of the PSNI who were conducting reviews and investigations into historic homicide cases. It ensures that the PSNI continues to meet its obligations arising from a number of statutory requirements, including Section 32 Police (NI) Act 2000, the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

LIB remit is to review and where evidential opportunities exist, investigate those cases not concluded by the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) as well as ‘non-troubles’ related deaths.  Its caseload currently extends to over 1000 cases. The Case Sequencing Model sets out how LIB allocates cases for review and the factors that are considered when making this decision. 

LIB is also responsible for the review of the wanted status of individuals who were previously considered by the ‘on-the-runs’ scheme.

The PSNI’s approach to legacy investigations is underpinned by a commitment to making the service we provide to families who have lost loved ones visible, accessible, responsive and focussed on their needs.

Every case examined by the LIB is reviewed or investigated to a fair, equitable and consistent standard in accordance with the standards set out in our Family Guidance Document  which sets out the Branch’s Terms of Reference and provides an overview of how it operates. 

Relatives will be invited to engage with officers conducting reviews or investigations, our Family Engagement Strategy outlines how we engage with families when reviewing cases.

All staff who work on reviews or investigations within LIB are required to do so in a clear and consistent manner displaying impartiality at all times and have no Conflict of Interest with any given case or persons involved in the death.

Our Teams

LIB consists of four teams which review, and where there are evidential opportunities likely to lead to a prosecution, investigate cases; as well as a bespoke engagement and review team (REDS).

Contact Us

You can contact us via phone on 02892 589 258, via email at [email protected] and at the postal address of 4-8 Ravernet Road, Lisburn, BT27 5ND.