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Here you can read the Police Service of Northern Ireland manual of policy, procedure and guidance on conflict management.

Conflict Management Manual Cover and Contents



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Chapter 1 Legal Basis and Human Rights

Chapter 2 Accountability and Training

Chapter 3 Reporting Use of Force

Chapter 4 Irritant Spray

Chapter 5 Batons

Chapter 5 Batons

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Chapter 6 Handcuffs

Chapter 6 Handcuffs

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Chapter 7 Limb Restraints

Chapter 8 Access to Firearms and Ammunition

Chapter 9

Chapter 10 Personal Issue Handguns, Heckler and Koch Weapons and Specialist Munitions

Chapter 11 AEP (Firearms Incidents - Less Lethal)

Chapter 12 Conductive Energy Devices - under review

Chapter 13 Public Order

Chapter 14 AEP (Public Disorder)

Chapter 15 Water Cannon

Chapter16 Spit and Bite Guards

Appendix A Method of Entry

Appendix B Personal Protective Equipment

Appendix C Protection against Corrosive Fluids

Appendix D Protection against Laser

Appendix E Positional Asphyxia and Acute Behavioural Disturbance

Appendix F Core Skills Related to Firearms Capability - under review

Appendix G Use of Police Vehicles and Public Order Screens in Situations of Public Disorder

Appendix H Tactics with Public Order Dogs

Appendix IThe Provision of First Aid During Planned Events, Anticipated Public Disorder and Spontaneous Incidents

Appendix J Requirements for the Early Reporting to the NIPB on Police Discharge of AEP

Appendix K Evidence Gathering Teams - Public Order Events

Appendix L The Use of AEP above ground and from the Modified RCV9000 Water Cannon to Reduce the Threat of Loss of Life or Serious Injury from Individuals at Height - (under review)

Appendix M Relevant Health and Safety Legislation

Appendix N Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms