In this section you can find statistical information on key topic areas within the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

COVID-19 and the production of statistics

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation reduced the resource available for the processing of road traffic collision (RTC) data within the PSNI. As a result, Statistics Branch had no option but to delay the publication - ‘Police recorded injury road traffic collisions and casualties Northern Ireland, 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020’ - which was due to be released on Friday 29 May 2020, as well as the subsequent monthly update in June 2020. These will be published on 31 July 2020 and 28h August 2020 respectively.

Publication of Police Recorded Crime Exceptional Release

On the 6 May 2020 PSNI will publish an exceptional release presenting police recorded crime statistics at Northern Ireland level, covering the changes in crime levels experienced since Covid-19 lockdown measures were introduced on 23 March. This release will be published on a weekly basis until 25 June 2020 when the normal monthly publication schedule will resume.

Publication of Management Information on Domestic abuse calls received by police

On 13 May 2020 PSNI will publish an exceptional release presenting weekly management information on domestic abuse calls received by PSNI since the Covid-19 lockdown measures were introduced on 23 March. The management information contained in the release will not have undergone the rigorous quality assurance checks carried out prior to the publication of official statistics. This release will be separate to, and not a replacement for, the official statistics data series on Domestic Abuse Incidents and Crimes Recorded by the Police in Northern Ireland. The weekly publication of this release will be reviewed in mid-June.

Publication schedule

The following statistics are published on this website on a regular basis, as outlined in the publication scheduled below.

If any additional information is required, requests can be made by contacting us and will be considered on a case by case basis. We welcome feedback on our statistics. If you would like to comment on any of our statistics, receive notification of new publications or be kept informed of developments, then please forward your contact details and we will add you to our email list.

The data development log below will be updated on an ad-hoc basis as and when we become aware of proposed changes to data supply or identify a new source of data.


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Consultation Exercises

The following consultation exercises have previously been conducted:

Official Statistics

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is listed in The Official Statistics Order 2009 as a producer of official statistics and is therefore subject to the Statistics & Registration Act 2007.


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Geographic availability of Statistics

In addition to the policing district and policing area figures available in monthly updates, trends and pivot tables, figures are available for a range of additional geographic areas.

Geographical Areas 
Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information System (NINIS) (updated annually)

Street Level
Police Crime Mapping website (updated monthly).