Dear FAC Holders, Clubs and Dealerships

In response to national Police ICT changes, Police Service of Northern Ireland email addresses are changing.

From 21st February 2021, Firearms Branch and other emails will no longer feature .pnn in the address – it will then become: Firearms@psni.police.uk

Please update your contact lists and share this announcement with your peers, members and customers, respectively. Following 21st it is highly likely we will not receive your correspondence if you send to the old FEB email that has “pnn” in the address.


Our Enquiries Helpline is currently closed. If you have an urgent enquiry please email firearms@psni.police.uk. The email facility will be monitored during normal business hours (Monday-Friday) and our staff will endeavour to deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.

You will need to obtain a certificate from the police before you can purchase or own any firearm or ammunition in Northern Ireland. Our obligation is to protect the public and ensure their safety, which is why there are certain laws that anyone owning or using firearms must follow.