Online Application Information


Firearms & Explosives Branch would like to notify all interested parties that we continue to accept all applications. There will be some delays in a number of applications due to capacity to perform the full range of our functions in the continued pandemic environment.

With the announcement by the NI Executive that non-food retail business can open we are delighted to inform the Firearms Dealers that from Friday 12 June 2020 we can begin accepting one-on one-off applications.

There are however changes to how we will accept paperwork such as 30/50 from Firearm Dealers. In order to reduce the use of paper which potentially could spread the coronavirus we will only be accepting paperwork via email and not post or fax. This will commence with immediate effect.

Please email your Form 30/50 to firearms@psni.pnn.police.uk immediately after the transaction has taken place. Please ensure you use the most recent version of the form which is available on the PSNI Firearms Licensing website under FORMS.


• The form is completed in full with a separate 30/50 for an associated sound moderator if appropriate.

• The form is typed to ensure the information is clear - however if it is necessary to complete the form with pen you must use black ink, block capitals and ensure all details are clear and legible.

Our telephone services, including the Freephone Help Desk facility and our General Enquiries phone desk remain suspended until further notice.

If you have an urgent enquiry please email firearms@psni.pnn.police.uk

The email facility will be monitored during normal business hours (Monday – Friday) and our staff will endeavour to deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.

We will continue to work on our recovery plan and will keep you informed of developments across our social media sites and our Firearms & Explosives website www.psni.police.uk/advice_information/firearms/online-application-information/

We thank you for your support during these challenging times.