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Overview of ICS

Information and Communications Services branch (ICS) provides and operates the ICT systems that support policing 24 hours a day in Northern Ireland.

Systems include all telecommunications services, including radio communications for all emergency services, our CCTV and Video systems that protect officers and members of the public, and IT systems that are essential for day-to-day policing and back-office functions.

Together they help Police Service of Northern Ireland to Keep People Safe by Policing with the Community.

ICS Mission and Vision

Information and Communications Services branch (ICS) delivers and supports a broad portfolio of systems and technologies, fulfilling our purpose of Keeping People Safe.

ICS's vision is 'To provide Police ICT solutions to a world-class standard'.

ICS's mission is 'To provide essential ICT that supports the Police Service of Northern Ireland to keep people safe'.

ICS strives to place the Police Service of Northern Ireland at the forefront of law enforcement technology and much of what we do supports frontline policing, aiming for a safer, more confident and peaceful Northern Ireland.

The Branch is a critical IT service provider, having secured multiple savings in policing and led on several technological innovations in its 35 year history.

ICS - What we do:

  • Over 150 professional IT Police Staff working across a range of operational and support roles;
  • Provider of 999 emergency and 101 telephony and call management and recording;
  • Delivering and maintaining UK-first data sharing across criminal justice agencies in support of speedier justice;
  • Supporting and bringing into operation a range of desktop and mobile software apps;
  • Providing and servicing over 14,000 TETRA radios and several radio sites for Northern Ireland's emergency services;
  • Supporting static and mobile Road Safety and ANPR solutions across Northern Ireland;
  • Managing and securing over 1 petabyte of data across several sites in support of crime detection and investigation;
  • Overseeing and developing the Police Service of Northern Ireland's highly secure data and telecoms networks across the province;
  • Maintaining over 9000 desktop technologies across 100 sites, over 3000 mobile devices, and numerous in-vehicle solutions;
  • Installing, servicing and consulting on CCTV solutions in police and other sites to make communities safer;
  • Researching and piloting a range of cutting edge technologies to support engagement and investigation;
  • Delivering over 1000 body-worn cameras and real-time GPS solutions to front line policing;
  • 24/7 operational support to policing operations and large public events.

Police Service of Northern Ireland - Digital Strategy 2021 and Beyond