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The Police Service of Northern Ireland operates a current fleet of approximately 2,700 vehicles. This is a mixture of armoured and non-armoured non-commercial vehicles, commercial vehicles, boats, plant, aeroplanes and helicopters.

The acquisition and maintenance of these vehicles fall under Transport Services Branch (TSB).

Transport Services Branch (TSB) is a branch within the Department of Finance and Support Services. Governance is managed through the Transport Delivery Group, co-chaired by the Director of Finance and Support Services and the ACC Operational Support.

Transport Services mission is to provide a comprehensive fleet management service that is effective and efficient and meets the operational needs of the organisation.

TSB controls the organisation's fleet from four ISO accredited Workshops across Northern Ireland.

The Branch consists of almost 90 highly skilled personnel across the areas of vehicle engineering and maintenance, fleet management and administration, and contract management.

Services provided cover eight broad areas across the vehicle life:

  • Strategic Fleet Planning
  • Vehicle and Equipment Supply
  • Vehicle Conversion
  • Maintaining vehicle availability
  • Vehicle and equipment removal from service
  • Fleet administration and support
  • Contract management
  • Site services

Police Service of Northern Ireland - Transport Services Strategy 2017-2018