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Monthly update, period ending 30 September 2022 (published 27 October 2022)

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Monthly update, period ending 31 May 2022 (published 30 June 2022)

Monthly update, period ending 30 April 2022 (published 26 May 2022)


Exceptional Release, Police Recorded Crime in Northern Ireland since lockdown measures were introduced on 23 March 2020

This bulletin was first published on 6th May 2020 with the final bulletin in the series published on 17th June 2020. This bulletin provided weekly updates to Police Recorded Crime during the early phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdown. The monthly update publication schedule resumed on Thursday 25th June 2020 and incorporated some aspects from this exceptional release.

Statistical Bulletin March 23 to June 7 2020, published 17 June 2020 (586 KB)


Prior to 2002/03, police recorded crime statistics were published in the annual Report of the Chief Constable. These reports were published in calendar year format from 1968 until 1997. Since then, reports have been based on financial years (April to March). Scanned images of the relevant crime tables from these reports, dating from 1968 until 2001/02. have been made available via the links below.