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Practical Assessment


"I have recently completed my first Road Policing Practical Assessment. You do feel a bit nervous before any of the practicals, but it's important to take a breath, compose yourself and be confident that you are capable of completing the task.

In my scenario, I was on foot patrol with my colleagues and received a radio transmission about a road traffic collision. On arrival at the scene, I had to carry out my initial investigation. This included checking the welfare of everyone involved and securing the scene of the collision. I put everything I learnt in the classroom into practice."

- Student Officer McLeister

Road Policing Practical

"During the Road Policing Practical Assessment, I enjoyed working with role actors as they made the scenarios seem very realistic.

Some key learnings and takeaways I took from the practical were:

  • Good notebook taking is key to a successful case file. Documenting what happened there and then is much more useful than relying on the memory of an event.
  • Body Worn Video (BWV) is invaluable as you can capture both video and audio evidence when you attend an incident.
  • Listening and communicating with the victims in a compassionate way is important - it ensures they feel acknowledged and supported."

- Student Officer McClinton