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The Police Service of Northern Ireland, along with Police Forces and Partners from across the United Kingdom, are working collaboratively to address issues around Equine related Crime, Road Safety and equine welfare.

The joint operation titled Operation Gallop, is our collaborative response as part of the Police led National Equine Crime Group, being led by Hampshire Constabulary.

Part of the National Rural Crime Team, Operation Gallop’s main objectives are to:

  • Improve collaboration between police forces and partners
  • Reduce crime, including the theft of horses, trailers, horseboxes and tack
  • Address fly grazing and welfare issues
  • Encourage property marking of items
  • Improve overall road safety, particularly where road-users are concerned
  • Tackle illegal road racing

And develop working relationships and confidence between policing and the equestrian community.

Operatio Gallop logo
Operatio Gallop logo

Protect Your Horses and Property

In bringing together other police forces, equestrian partners, subject matter experts and charities, the operation has provided the Police Service of Northern Ireland and other police forces with the ability to identify and deter offenders, enhance crime prevention and awareness around equine related issues and provide us with a collaborative platform to assist with innovative ideas in tackling these issues.

There’s also an emphasis placed on tackling animal welfare issues and providing equine communities with robust crime prevention advice, to protect their horses and property.

We have a dedicated website where you can access more information on Operation Gallop or contact your local crime prevention officer on 101. You can also follow us on Facebook at Operation Gallop.

Operation Gallop Website

How to Prevent Tack Theft

Horse tack theft refers to the stealing of horse equipment. It can be difficult to make your premises completely secure, but there are some simple measures which can improve security for your horse equipment.

Tack Room - Good physical security is the first line of defence. Use good locks to secure doors from the outside, use solid doors and door frames.

Windows - Windows and roof-lights should be fitted with substantial metal bars or grills to prevent access. 

Alarms - Consider using an intruder alarm.

Tack Marking - Saddles can be effectively marked with your postcode using ultra-violet marker pens, engraving, stamping or even paint.

Forensic Track Marking - Consider using forensic marking solutions.

horse saddle

Saddle Rack - Consider using a sturdy saddle rack with a suitable Sold Secure Gold (or equivalent) padlock.

Events - Keep tack securely locked in a stall, or lock it inside tack lockers so that it is out of sight. Never leave your tack unattended.

Inventory - Take an inventory of tack including photographs and serial numbers to aid identification if stolen tack is recovered.

Register - Register tack using a police approved property registration service.

CCTV - Consider installing CCTV and sensory lighting.