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Personal safety advice

In this section you will find information on how to keep yourself safe and protected from crime when outdoors.

How to protect yourself from street robbery

We all care about our personal property, but your personal safety is always more important. 

If you feel that you are in danger, or you are threatened with violence, then let your valuables go. Property can be replaced, you can’t. 

Here are some useful ways to keep you and your property safe when you are out and about.

  • Carry your bag close to you and ensure the clasp is facing inwards.

  • If you can, carry your things in a small bag across your body, underneath your outer coat.

  • Spread your valuables around. For example, carry your house keys in your pocket, your phone in your bag and your money in your jacket.

  • Keep your mobile phone, laptop, watches, jewellery and other valuables out of sight.

What to do if you think you’re being followed

On the first sign that you are being followed, get to a safe location and call for help - never take chances with your safety.

  • You can check if someone is following you by crossing the street – more than once, if necessary.

  • Go to the nearest busy place or well-lit area and call the police on 999.

  • Avoid using an enclosed telephone box, as you could be trapped inside.

  • If you are in immediate danger and there are other people about, call out for help.

What to do if you're being followed by an unknown vehicle 

If you think you are being followed by an unknown vehicle or you feel threatened by a motorist, call the police immediately on 999. Other practical steps you can take to protect yourself include:

  • Write down details as soon as possible afterwards and phone us to report the incident. Focus on the car’s registration number and the driver’s description.

  • Scream and set off your personal attack alarm. Personal alarms are a good deterrent.

  • Get away as quickly as possible.

Advice on how to stay safe when exercising outside

It is best to pursue any outdoor activity in a group but this is not always possible. Read our tips below so you feel safe when going to exercise outside.

  • Tell someone where you are going so if something does happen to you, then they will know where to send help. Also bring your mobile phone so you can call a friend or family member in an emergency.  

  • Choose areas that you know well and feel are the safest. Ensure they are well-lit and do not take shortcuts through dark or lonely areas.

  • Be conscious of your surroundings. If something doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't. Walk or run facing the traffic so a car cannot pull up behind you unnoticed. 

  • Wear reflective clothing if you are training or exercising at night. If you can, exercise in well lit, populated areas. It's important that you are easily seen and that you can see others around you.