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The ScamwiseNI Partnership was established in November 2016 and now has over 45 organisations involved with representatives from faith groups, youth organisations and the charity sector. As it grows, each organisation provides their unique knowledge, perspective and contribution.

The objective of Partnership is to engage and inform the community about the risks of scams and the range of scams that exist.  The Partnership is mindful of the particular need to provide information to assist the more vulnerable in our society and highlight the number of scams to them. Encouraging people to discuss the topic of scams with friends and families, to report scams, help protect and support each other against scams, formed the campaign’s ethos.

Increased awareness results in people being more able to stay safe from scams, so they don’t fall victim.

The Partnership has worked hard to establish and develop its brand identity, which includes the Scam Test; an acronym of SCAM:

  • Seems too good to be true
  • Contacted out of the blue
  • Asked for personal details
  • Money requested

We have also developed a number of advertisements some of which you can listen to on this page.                                                                                                                                                                           

Further Information

For more information visit the ScamwiseNI website or the ScamwiseNI Facebook page.

The Little Book of Big Scams

The Little Book of Big Scams is your comprehensive guide to how scams operate, how you can fall victim to fraudsters and most importantly, how you can protect yourself and spot the scam.