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Internet Safety

The internet is a great way to learn, explore and connect with each other offering great opportunities for individuals, communities and businesses. However, it also presents criminals with opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities. That's why it is vital that all of us are aware of the risks and know how we can keep each other safe.


Learn about this type of blackmail, steps you can take to stay safe and where to get help and support if you are a victim.

Keeping Children Safe Online

Tips for parents and guardians on how to make sure children can enjoy the internet safely.

Sexting and the Law

Learn what sexting is, what the law says and how to access help and support.

Cyber Protect

Learn about the UK Cyber Protect network and how we work to help businesses, charities and voluntary organisations defend against cyber attacks.

Cyber Prevent

Our Cyber Prevent officer educates young people about cyber crime and encourages them to make informed choices and use their cyber skills for good.

Online Grooming

Learn more about what online grooming is and what to do if you're worried.