Antrim and Newtownabbey

The District covers 274 sq miles from the shores of Lough Neagh in the west to the shores of Belfast Lough in the east. Its northern boundary with Ballymena leads to the Glens of Antrim and the port of Larne, while to the south it borders Belfast and Lisburn. This stunning location has 138,000 residents, 3730 businesses (including Junction One and the Abbey Centre) and 212,000 annual visitors to its parks, theatres and shores of Lough Neagh. Five million people annually use Belfast International Airport, and 65,000 vehicles commute daily on the M2. 

Superintendent Sue-Ann Steen  is the Commander in charge of Antrim and Newtonabbey District Command Unit. She is supported by Chief Inspector David Moore (Engagement). They are responsible for all aspects of local policing and setting the District’s policing priorities along with the Policing and Community Safety Partnership.


District Personnel

  • Superintendent  Sue Ann Steen


    Sue Ann Steen

    is the District Commander of Antrim & Newtownabbey.

  • Chief Inspector David Moore

    Chief Inspector

    David Moore

    is responsible for engagement across Antrim and Newtownabbey District.

  • Chief Inspector Peter  Duncan

    Chief Inspector

    Peter Duncan

    Is responsible for Performance across the District.

Your Local Policing Area

Communities living in Antrim and Newtownabbey District now have two Local Policing Teams (LPTs), based in Antrim and Newtownabbey Police Stations, providing 24 hour cover to continue keeping local people safe right across the District. These officers will be supported by two Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs), based in Antrim and Newtownabbey Police Stations, which will be mobile and deployed to areas to deal with critical issues.

Our commitment to your district

In Antrim and Newtownabbey DCU we are focused on the issues that affect your communities the most  - such as Anti-Social Behaviour, Drugs, Burglaries (especially those where the victims are older persons) and Hate Crime. We are committed to addressing these issues and providing a high quality of service to keep you safe.  Our Local Policing Plan outlines our intended outcomes and how we measure our performance.

The Neighbourhood Policing Teams are regularly involved in local initiatives. They attend and remain in close contact with a number of community forums, thus allowing them to respond to concerns raised by members of the local community, councillors, housing agencies, youth groups and wardens.  The Newtownabbey team recently listened to concerns raised by the local community in Glengormley around Anti-Social Behaviour. They work closely with residents to ensure that a focus is maintained in reduction of Anti-Social Behaviour. Through engagement and high visibility patrolling the team seek to educate local young people around the dangers of alcohol and drug misuse and the associated Anti-Social Behaviour.  This work is also mirrored in Antrim, where similar issues of community concern are addressed.

Our local District Support Team regularly takes action on intelligence relating to serious crime and drugs.  They recently carried out a house search as part of our pre-Halloween action and recovered a large quantity of Illegal fireworks. Much of the intelligence the team actions is provided by you, the community.  We could not take the action we do without your assistance; our successes are your successes!  The District Support Team also actively target those involved in the supply of illegal drugs within our communities, their pro-activity takes drugs off our streets and ‘Keeps People Safe’! 

Local Policing Teams are out on patrol in your local communities and endeavour to engage with you at every available opportunity.  They now take a more “active” role in engagement and are keen to listen to and address any issues you may be experiencing.  We recently focussed some of our efforts towards the Anti-Social Behaviour being experienced in Antrim. Dedicated patrols were performed in Greystone, especially in the lead up to Halloween, to help the local community feel safe in their homes. Across the District officers also performed regular vehicle check point operations to deter those involved overnight creeper burglaries.

We will use this section to bring you more examples of what we are doing in your communities to keep you safe so please check back regularly!