Derry City and Strabane

Derry City & Strabane District follows the boundary of the newly formed Derry City & Strabane District Council encompassing the city of Derry City and the town of Strabane with a number of smaller rural communities such as Eglinton, Claudy, Park and Castlederg. The District has a total population of 149,198 (2014) and shares 60 miles of border with the Republic of Ireland. 

Chief Superintendent Ryan Henderson is the Area Commander for the District. He is supported by Operations Superintendent Catherine Magee, Superintendent Marty Reid, Chief Inspector Michael O'Loan, Chief Inspector William Calderwood and Chief Inspector Clive Beatty.

District Personnel

  • Chief Superintendent  Ryan Henderson

    Chief Superintendent

    Ryan Henderson

    is the District Commander responsible for Derry City and Strabane.

  • Superintendent Catherine Magee


    Catherine Magee

    is responsible for Operations.

  • Superintendent Marty Reid


    Marty Reid

    is responsible for Operations, Performance and Discipline.

  • Chief Inspector Clive Beatty

    Chief Inspector

    Clive Beatty

    is responsible for engagement in Strabane.

  • Chief Inspector William Calderwood

    Chief Inspector

    William Calderwood

    is responsible for engagement in Derry/Londonderry.

  • Temporary/Chief Inspector Michael O'Loan

    Temporary/Chief Inspector

    Michael O'Loan

    is responsible for performance.

Your Local Policing Area

Communities living in Derry City & Strabane District now have two Local Policing Teams (LPTs), based in Strand Road and Strabane Police Stations, providing 24 hour cover to continue keeping local people safe right across the District. These officers will be supported by four Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs), based in Strand Road, Waterside and Strabane Police Stations, which will be mobile and deployed to areas to deal with critical issues.

Our Commitment to your District

In Derry City & Strabane DCU we are focused on the issues which affect your communities the most. Issues such as Anti-Social Behaviour, Drugs, Burglary (especially where the victims are older people) and Hate Crime affect your lives and we are committed to addressing them. We are also committed to identifying those most vulnerable within our communities and taking positive steps to protect them. Our Local Policing Plan outlines our intended outcomes and how we measure our performance.

Our local District Support Team regularly action information from the community relating to serious crime and drugs. They recently conducted an investigation into drugs supply in our area which crossed the Irish Sea as far as the South of England and resulted in the arrest of two people  on suspicion of drugs supply offences here in Northern Ireland. Both were subsequently charged to court. Much of the information the team act upon comes directly from you, the community we serve, and we could not take the action and help takes drugs off our streets without your assistance!

Foyleside & The Moor Neighbourhood Policing Team have responded to concerns from the local community in the area of the Bogside around the bonfire which, on previous years, has been located at Meenan Square, an area which poses great risk to the safety of residents due to its proximity to an electrical substation. Officers have worked alongside our external partners to regularly clear this area from the buildup of bonfire material and to ensure the security of the site.  

One of our Local Policing Teams recently responded to the report of an ongoing burglary at Holy Family School. An intruder was located, arrested on suspicion of burglary and approximately £5000 worth of electronic equipment for use by the students was recovered from their possession. A keen sense of smell from another of our Local Policing Team Officers alerted them to a strong smell of cannabis emanating from a property where they were conducting unrelated enquiries. This led to the recovery of a large scale cannabis factory with the seizure of approximately 50 Cannabis plants at a value of approximately £25,000, a large quantity of Cannabis resin at a value of approximately £5000 and a number of heaters, lamps and other equipment. This was one of the largest seizures of drugs in the Derry City and Strabane District in recent years.  We continue to focus our attention on Anti-Social Behaviour and, in particular, car crime in the Northern Estates in order to provide you with reassurance and to address your concerns.

Our Local Policing Teams are regularly out on patrol in your local communities, something you have told us you would like to see more of, and they endeavour to engage with you at every available opportunity.

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