Paramilitary Activity Update

  • 03 June 2021

Republican and loyalist paramilitary organised crime groups (OCGs) continue to impact all areas of society in Northern Ireland. Currently around one third of Northern Ireland -based OCGs are paramilitary organisations or have suspected paramilitary links.

The Paramilitary Crime Task Force (PCTF) are currently proactively investigating six paramilitary organisations:

  • East Belfast UVF
  • West Belfast UDA
  • North and West Belfast INLA
  • North West INLA
  • South East Antrim UDA
  • North Antrim UDA

These groups are involved in all forms of criminality including; paramilitary assaults and shootings, supply and distribution of controlled drugs, blackmail (extortion), intimidation, money lending and money laundering.

Despite the pressures of COVID-19, the number of searches and arrests conducted by the PCTF this year were among the highest since it was established.

Activity Jan-2021 Feb-2021 March-2021
Arrests 4 13 24
Charge & Report 4 12 28
Searches 12 24 29
Drugs Seizures 4 10 11
Vehicle Seizures 2 0 2
Weapon Seizures 0 5 3
Cash Seizures £10,000.00 £8,625.00 £9,580.00

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